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Barak Varr
Barak Varr
Zone Info
Realm: Order
Army: Oathbearers
Tier: 2
Paired with: Marshes of Madness
Barak varr map
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Barak Varr is the Oathbearers second tier zone.

Overview Edit

Barak Varr is a Dwarf fortress and seaport in the Old World, located at the easternmost point of the Black Gulf where it merges with the mouth of Blood River. Sturdy lighthouses lead ships towards the Sea Gate of the stronghold which is built into the Cliffs of Gamrud lining the coast of the gulf. A vast water filled cavern known as the Great Cove has been carved into the Cliffside to provide a safe harbour for the Dwarf fleet and the merchant vessels which come from ports across the Old World to trade for fine Dwarf craftsmanship. It is here that the great Ironclads are built and maintained, floating steel fortresses propelled by steam driven paddles. A number of these have been sent by King Byrrnoth Grundadrakk, Lord of Barak Varr, to provide support for the defense of Ekrund, leaving only a token force to defend the harbour.

The Bloody Sun Boyz Waaagh! has come to Barak Varr, arriving by both land and sea, and has overwhelmed the strongholds remaining defenses. The Dwarf garrison is beseiged within the thick walls of Barak Varr, fighting landward assaults and attacks from numerous Greenskin war barges in the waters of the Black Gulf, supported by a bank of massive cannons that line the rocky promontory above the bay and the guns of the ironclads still harboured in the Great Cove.

PvE contentEdit

Tome of KnowledgeEdit

Information on Tome of Knowledge unlocks / achievements in Barak Varr:


File:Http:// VgcMwP9lG2Y/SOD5dUq4III/AAAAAAAAAIM/cohrDwuJws8/s400/5-2.jpg

Detailed mapsEdit

Gamepressure Atlas

WARDB zone information

Locations of InterestEdit

Quests Found HereEdit



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