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For the Order Quest, see Balance I.
Decoration High Elf Left Mechanic Normal Balance Mechanic Improved Balance Mechanic Perfect Balance Decoration High Elf Right

Balance is the game mechanic of the Swordmaster Icon Small Swordmaster career, it works by restricting some abilities from being used unless the toon is in the proper Balance. There are three levels of balance Normal Balance, Improved Balance and Perfect Balance.

Switching between the three levels is done by using some abilities that allow progress between the various degrees of Balance.

The Balance mechanic (along with the Plan one) used to be referred as Combo, and work quite differently in the beta, Balance was not a tri-state effect but a gauge that filled with some attacks called Blade Dances.

Normal Balance Edit

Mechanic Normal Balance

Normal Balance status indicator

These are the abilities that can be used in any balance, using them will set the Swordmaster in Improved Balance.

Usually Normal Balance abilities are the most expensive ones, and provide an average amount of utility.

With the exception of Ability Protection of Hoeth22px Protection of Hoeth they all need a target, so Swordmaster who invest in the Hoeth Mastery tree are the only ones free to set themselves into any fight without needing a target to initiate the cycle, the others need a target (any target, even a critter will do) to get to Improved Balance.

Ability Ensorcelled Blow32px Ensorcelled Blow
Simple Hoeth attack dealing Spirit Damage, can be improved with tactics to land a DoT too.
Ability Graceful Strike32px Graceful Strike
Vaul attack dealing some direct Physical Damage and some more via a 5 second DoT, builds threat, it's the basic tanking rotation attack.
Ability Gryphon's Lash32px Gryphon's Lash
Khaine Physical Damage attack that can't be blocked or parried (it can still be dodged).
Ability Sapping Strike32px Sapping Strike
Khaine 5 seconds Physical DoT that also drains AP. 10s cooldown. Requires 5 points in the Path of Khaine.
Ability Protection of Hoeth32px Protection of Hoeth
Hoeth 5 seconds shield that absorbs a finite amount of damage. It's the only Normal Balance ability that doesn't require a target. Requires 5 points in the Path of Hoeth.

Improved Balance Edit

Mechanic Improved Balance

Improved Balance status indicator

These are the abilities that can ONLY be used in Improved Balance and set the Swordmaster to Perfect Balance.

Improved Balance abilities provide for many utility effects, they have a slightly higher cost than Normal Balance abilities (on average)

Ability Quick Incision32px Quick Incision
Khaine 5 seconds Physical DoT and Snare.
Ability Eagle's Flight32px Eagle's Flight
Vaul Physical direct damage that also increases Parry chance for 5 seconds. Useful to increase survivability and in the average tanking rotation.
Ability Intimidating Blow32px Intimidating Blow
Vaul Physical direct damage that drains Morale points. Only useful in RvR.
Ability Wrath of Hoeth32px Wrath of Hoeth
Hoeth PBAoE Spiritual Damage attack that also lowers Spiritual Resistance for 20 seconds to affected enemies. Essential tool in the Swordmaster arsenal, even if a little expensive.
Ability Phoenix's Wing32px Phoenix's Wing
Ability Crushing Advance32px Crushing Advance

Perfect Balance Edit

Mechanic Perfect Balance

Perfect Balance status indicator

See also Edit

  • Swordmasters also possess the ability to enchant their weapons with one of the three available buffs, which is sort of a semi-mechanic, the three abilities are:
  • Mechanics
  • Plan

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