Bait an' Bash!

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Bait an' Bash!

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Gilkor Smashjaw
End Gilkor Smashjaw


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Bait an' Bash Edit

  • Dem Gobbos is useful fings, but they ain't no choppas. Little maggots wot run away from wolves'll never get da job done! Dat's why you're gonna take care of da wolves instead of those gits.
  • Take dese sacks of humie meat down to day woods where da wolves is. Put some meat on da ground, and when one of them wolves get close, bash'em!''

Particulars Edit

  • Plant the Humie Meat Gilkor gave you in the Sacred Grove within the Wolftoof Wud to lure out a Hungry Grove Wolf. Once the wolf is close, kill it. Should you run out of meat, see Gilkor for another bag.

Requirements Edit

  • Meat Placed 1/1
  • Hungry Grove Wolf 1/1

Rewards Edit

  • 1669 XP

Player Notes Edit

Typically you're looking for a glowie to use Quest Items on, but not this time. Enter the designated area, put the sack in your action bar and left click to set one item down anywhere in the designated quest area. The hungry wolf (lv. 8) should materialize in the near distance and run towards the sack. I chose to set mine down near the Sacred Grove map marker.

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