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Azurewood Forest

Azurewood Forest, The Blighted Isle

Azurewood Forest is thick with the beasts of House Arkaneth, turned loose to prey upon those stranglers fleeing from the Dark Elf invaders. But unknown to the kin-traitors, the prey of their pets are fighting back. Shining Guard forces strike from hidden Azurewood Glade, slowly pushing to the ruins of fallen Calumel.

In the Age of Reckoning Edit

Signs of House Arkaneth's presence litter Azurewood Forest. The bodies of High Elves lie motionless on the ground, food for the Harpies and Cold Ones released by the invaders. A large portion of the tree line has been cleared, and a barracks have been established in its place. Nearby, warriors of the Raven Host have established a small camp in order to be near at hand should their Dark Elf allies need their aid.

Azurewood Forest is the primary questing area for Chapter 1 of the High Elf storyline. Players are asked to weaken House Arkaneth's presence in the area, as well as weaken the ties between the Dark Elves and their Chaos allies.

Azurewood Forest NPCs Edit

Azurewood Forest Mobs Edit

Azurewood Forest Arkaneth Camp

House Arkaneth Barracks

Named Mobs Edit

Quests Edit

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