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Bitter Rivals Siege Weapon 001
Axe Hewer
Bind on Pickup
Deploy this weapon on a Ranged Siege pad. This weapon fires on multiple targets in a single area.
Race: Dwarf, High Elves, Empire

The Axe Hewer is a rare Siege Weapon for Order characters that is unique to the Event Bitter Rivals.

Source Edit

The Axe Hewer can be assembled by right-clicking an Axe Hewer Assembly Kit, the Advanced Influence Reward for Order characters during the Bitter Rivals Event. Each Assembly Kit can be used to create five Axe Hewers, and they cannot be recharged.

Item Edit

Use Edit

Axe Hewer Catapault 001

Axe Hewer Catapault

By interacting with a ranged Siege Pad, an Axe Hewer can be used to build an Axe Hewer Catapault.

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