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Chaos axe

concept art of a Chaos axe

Axes are weapons of war with one or two bladed sides. Axes are used by many races. They are dwarf weapons of choice and a common sight in most warhammer races. Greenskins, warriors of Chaos, Undead warriors, High Elves and Humans all use axes in battle.

Dwarfs take great pride in making every weapon a true piece of craftsmanship and the axe is no different. Often they place runes on one to enhance its killing abilities. Greenskins on the other hand care nothing for fineries like the work of the dwarfs and simply count axes as one of the many forms of a Choppa - a great heavy piece of metal to smash an enemy to pulp. High Elf White Lions are renowned for their use of the woodsman's axe of Chrace.

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