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Bestiary unlock for Boar.


Kill 60 Boars (Great Warsnouts) or (Bloodtusk Warsnouts) around 22k,57k in Barak Varr then speak to the kill collector Elagroth Karginson in Thane's Defence. Required to kill 60 of them to complete the kill quest, Boars of Battle.

    • Note: There are lvl 10 champion boars nearby this area as well and they too count towards the kill collector.


Kill Dog Soldiers in Mount Bloodhorn until you no longer get credit with the Kill Collector Sneakfang in Da War Maker. Dog Waylayers will not work for this unlock. Ensure you are killing Dog Soldiers.

This is a strange unlock, the kill collector wants you to kill humans but when you max out the kill collector it grants the tome unlock Avoid a Gory End in the Boar section of your bestiary. Also the kill collectors quest is called Boorish, this looks like a bug which has been overlooked.

Note: It takes 100 kills to max out this kill collector. Edit: It only takes 60 kills but only the male dog soldiers count


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