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Auras are AoE effects emanating from the player using them and are permanently activated until a player changes to a different Aura or right-clicks on the icon to remove it. Only one Aura may be active at a time. Only the Chosen and Disciple of Khaine careers have access to Auras.

Disciple of Khaine AurasEdit

The Disciples of Khaine can make pacts with the God of Blood they worship. These pacts, known as Covenants, will make the Disciple a focus for Khaine's blessings which will bolster group members' abilities to survive and kill enemies in the name of Khaine. The effects of these Auras do not stack.

Core AurasEdit

Covenant of Vitality (Gives group members a 20% chance to deal an additional X Spirit damage to their victim, and heal themselves by X)
Covenant of Tenacity (Increases the Armor of group members by X)
Covenant of Celerity (Gives group members a 20% chance to Cripple their target, dealing X Spirit damage over 9 seconds and reducing their movespeed by 20%)

Chosen AurasEdit

The Chosen have Auras as their career's specific ability. These are known as Chaotic Auras, or curses, and will buff group members within a 100 feet radius and debuff all enemy players within 30 feet. The Auras of the Chosen differ from the Disciple's Auras in that a cancelled Chaotic Aura will linger for up to 12 seconds, making it theoretically possible to have up to 3 auras active for a few seconds, or indefinitely with repeated and careful managing. The debuffs of Chaotic Auras will also stack on enemy players.

Core AurasEdit

Corrupting Retribution (Heals group members by X health every time they defend an attack)
Corrupting Wrath (Reduces the Toughness of all enemies by X, while increasing group members' Toughness by X)
Discordant Fluctuation (Causes X Spirit damage to enemies that use offensive magical abilities against a group member within the radius of the Aura)
Discordant Instability (Reduces the resistances of all enemies by X, while increasing group members' resistances by X)
Dreadful Agony (Deals X Spirit damage every 3 seconds to all enemies within 30 feet)
Dreadful Fear (Reduces the Strength of all enemies by X, while increasing group members' Strength by X)

Masteries AurasEdit

Path of DreadEdit

Dreadful Terror (Causes enemies to lose 20 Action Points every 5 seconds, and group members to gain 20 Action Points every 5 seconds)

Path of CorruptionEdit

Corrupting Horror (Causes enemies' spells to build up 25% slower)

Path of DiscordEdit

Discordant Turbulence (Causes healing on enemies to be 25% less effective)

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