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The Auction House or AH is a system where players are able to buy and sell equipment between players. Generally it is represented by an NPC or Auctioneer. The AH lets you post your item in a pooled roster for a small fee, for each item you set a starting Bid and, if you so chose, a "Buy out" price. As such, if players do not wish you bid on your item and then have to wait for the auction's pre-determined time to end, they can "buy it out" for the set price. At which point the winning bidder will receive the item in their mailbox and the previous owner of the item the money they are due.

The Auction House can be accessed as follows:


  • The Order Auction House can be accessed though auctioneers located in Altdorf


  • The destruction Auction House can be accessed through auctioneers located in The Inevitable City

Auctioneer - Order - 2008 Oct 26

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