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An Easy Public Quest in Cinderfall for Order players.

  • Stage 1 - "The Ashreaver Tribe has laid claim to an abandoned Dwarf Fortress, which is needed by the Oathbearers to strengthen their hold in Cinderfall. The Ashreaver Tribe must be defeated and the Fortress reclaimed!"
Ashreaver forces - 50
  • Stage 2 - 10:00 - "The Ashreaver raiding party has begun returning to their stronghold, to find that it has come under attack. Ever ready for battle, the Ogres have charged into the fray. Deefeat them!"
Ashreaver Leaders - 15
  • Stage 2.5 - 10:00 - "The victory of the Ashreaver has rallied the cowardly Gnoblars, who return to the fray in a frenzy. Cut them down and defeat any leaders who remain!"
All remaining Ashreaver Leaders - 1
Ivor & Daddy: "If you fail stage 2, the PQ advances to stage 2.5 rather than resetting. If you complete this stage, you advance to stage three normally, as if you'd completed stage 2. By our count, there are 4 Ashreaver Leaders to kill before this stage is completed."
  • Stage 3 - 10:00 - "The Tyrant Leader of the Ashreaver Stronghold has returned to his tribe and intends to crush the dwarfs himself. Strike him and his creatures down, and put an end to the Ogres!"
Murg Dragonhide - 1
Korgrash - 1
Grengnax - 1

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