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A screenshot of two Chosen, one with undyed armor and one with blue-dyed armor. The red-armored figure is a Champion of Khorne.

In Warhammer online, players can acquire armor dyes. These dyes are used to customize the color of your armor and clothing. Many, but not all, pieces of armor can be dyed with two colors - a primary and a secondary. Dyes are acquired from merchants, quests and drops, and some of the rarer dyes are found by killing bosses. They can also be crafted by Apothecaries.

How To DyeEdit

Merchant Dye --- This text is old, its not 'any' merchant now. Only in Inevitable city and Aldorf what I know. Find any merchant throughout the Warhammer world, and click "Dye Items". Select the piece of armor you wish to dye by left clicking it, then either left click a color to apply it for your primary color, or right click a color to apply it for your secondary color. Inventory Dye --- First, you simply right-click the dye in your inventory. Next, you left click on the item that you want to dye and select either the Primary or Secondary color to dye, then confirm your selection.

Obtaining DyesEdit

Dyes are acquired from merchants, quests, drops, and from creating them through Apothecaries.

Merchant or Low Quality DropEdit

These dyes are available on merchants, and can also be obtained by looting creatures. When looted, their quality is dark grey "junk" color.

Bestial Brown
Bone Brown
Brazen Brass
Chainmail Grey
Fortress Grey
Graveyard Earth
Orc Green
Scab Red
Scaly Green
Shadow Grey
Snot Green
Tanned Flesh
Vermin Brown
Warlock Purple


Dark Navy Blue
Dark Peach
Dark Purple
Dark Red
Dark Sage
Dark Sea Blue
Dark Warm Sage


Azyr Blue (Rare Quality)
Blazing Orange (Rare Quality)
Blood Red (Rare Quality)
Chaos Black (Very Rare Quality... Note: Can also be created, see description)
Enchanted Blue (Rare Quality)
Midnight Blue
Regal Blue
Shyish Purple (Uncommon Quality)
Skull White (Very Rare Quality)
Ulgu Grey (Very Rare Quality)


Dark Peach
Dark Red
Dark Sea Blue
Goblin Green
Golden Yellow
Liche Purple
Red Gore
Scorched Brown
Seaguard Blue

Note: A list of the Apothecary dye pigments, which can be used to create the above-listed dyes, can be found here.

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