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Arek Daemonclaw

A similar Tzeentch warrior of Chaos

Arek Daemonclaw

The man who brought Praag to it's knees, the man who led the third biggest War against Chaos. Who's armor is nigh invincible, he was one of the greatest champions of Chaos of all time.


Centuries before his legendary triumph and demise, he was a born a young nobleman of Empire bu soon found he thirsted more, so for several years he fought among the cults of the dark gods. But eventually learned of the way to Daemonhood; through the Chaos Waste. So he travled there and began growing stronger due to the influence of Chaos. After his first Warpstorm his body began to extensvly mutating. At first he was horrified by his good looks destroyed but then he soon realised it was a dark "gift" from the Chaos Gods. He soon found the Shrine of Tzeentch and pledged his Soul to the dark god.

The Path to DaemonhoodEdit

Arek slowly but surley began to kill several warlords and tribal leaders of the numerous Warriors of Chaos. Eventually after praying at a shrine of his dark patron, he fell asleep and was given messages by Daemons. But two Chaos sorrcerors helped him decipher the messages, and lead a huge warband for many years slowly gaining a huge horde. Slowly but surley he made plans to destroy the Old World. He eventually led an invasion into Praag and was killed by Gotrek.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Through dozens of gifts from his dark patron, it can be conlude he was close to becoming a Daemon Prince. He wielded a magical blade though anything else but magical attacks not much is known about the blade. Also he had an almost impervious armor that all save a few weapons could kill him making him an extremly hard to kill even from the mightiest of fows.

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