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These main ingredients create a variety of different potions with unique abilities.

Table of Special Ingredients
Ingredient Apothecary Skill Stability Power Duration Multiplier Crit. % Special % Effect Where
Aggregate Compound 50 -7 -10% -10% +25 Talisman Making Skill for 30 minutes Guild Vendor (1g)
Alchemical Compound 50 -7 -10% -10% +25 Apothecary Skill for 30 minutes Guild Vendor (1g)
Elemental Compound 50 -7 -10% -10% +25 Magic Salvaging Skill for 30 minutes Guild Vendor (1g)
Terrestrial Compound 50 -7 -10% -10% +25 Cultivation Skill for 30 minutes Guild Vendor (1g)
Revivification Compound 100 -12 -10% -10% Nepenthean Tonic Guild Vendor (15g)

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