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Some ingredients have the main effect of adding a multiplier to the number of concoctions created. If the multiplier is sufficient two or even three potions of the same type can be made in the one creation attempt.

Table of Multiplier Ingredients
Ingredient Apothecary Skill Stability Power Duration Multiplier Crit. Chance Where
Dusty Fusk 1 1 Cultivation
Crusty Squig Bits 1 2 Vendor (1s25c), Butchery
Crumbly Squig Bits 25 2 Butchery
Sandy Fusk 25 2 1% Cultivation
Burgundy Fusk 50 2 Cultivation
Slimy Squig Bits 50 4 Butchery
Scarlet Fusk 75 4 1% Cultivation
Squishy Squig Bits 75 4 Butchery
Cloudy Fusk 100 4 Cultivation
Crunchy Squig Bits 100 8 Butchery
Shaded Shadow Fusk 125 8 1% Cultivation
Steaming Squig Bits 125 8 Butchery
Plump Squig Bits 150 16 Butchery
Wolfpaw Fusk 150 8 Cultivation
Staghorn Fusk 175 16 1% Cultivation
Whole Lotta Squig Bits 175 16 Butchery
Majestic Fusk 200 16 Cultivation

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