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These main ingredients create potions which deal damage to an area in front of the user over a period of time.

Table of Flame Breath Ingredients
Ingredient Apothecary Skill Stability Power Duration Multiplier Crit. Chance Where
Smoking Argost Creep 1 -1 1 Cultivation
Charred Argost Creep 25 -4 3 Cultivation
Grasping Argost Creep 50 -7 5 Cultivation
Clawing Argost Creep 75 -9 7 Cultivation
Curling Argost Creep 100 -12 9 Cultivation
Coiled Argost Creep 125 -14 11 Cultivation
Crying Argost Creep 150 -17 13 Cultivation
Weeping Argost Creep 175 -19 15 Cultivation
Plague-touched Sunstalk Argost Creep 200 -22 17 Cultivation

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