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Anselm Getman

Anselm Getman

Rank 14 Quest Giver
Realm Order
Species Empire
Gender Male
Zone Barak Varr
Subzone Barak Weald
Coordinates 46800, 53800

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Order Friendly

I've got a pouch full of Karls with your name on it friend. All I ask in return is just a sample of this oathgold the Dwarfs are always on about.

- Anselm Getman

Anselm Getman is a citizen of the Empire and trader that can be found in Barak Weald, an area within Barak Varr. Having been rescued by Dwarfs when the greenskins attack the Port of Barak Varr, Getman has returned to the region to show his thanks by bringing gifts of ale. However, much of the drink he had with him was stolen by marauding Orcs.

Quests Edit

Do I look like an ignorant farmer to you? I trade, if you've nothing to trade then move on.

- Anselm Getman

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