Annihilator Torc

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Temp Shoulders
Annihilator Torc
Medium Armor
423 Armor
Bind on Pickup
+ 28 Strength
+ 12 Toughness
+ 18 Initiative
+ 3 Reduction in being Critically Hit
Talisman Slot 1 Empty Talisman Slot
Career: Slayer
Skill: Medium Armor
Annihilator Battle Kit (0 / 5)
Annihilator War Shroud
Annihilator Leathers
Annihilator Torc
Annihilator Armbraces
Annihilator Chargers
(2 Piece Bonus): +62 Strength
(3 Piece Bonus): +320 Corporeal Resistance
(4 Piece Bonus): +5 Reduced Chance to be Parried
(5 Piece Bonus): +2 Path of The Giantslayer Abilities

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