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This Quest starts at Reikland chapter 21 Vaniks Horde. Questgiver is "Cultist Begrid".

  1. Step 1: Kill 6 Reikland Patrols.
  2. Travel to Ritterburg and turn in your quest to "Radulf the elder".
  3. Accept the updatet quest he gives you.
  4. Step 2: Kill Wizard Radovan and Noble Vinzenz. Those Npc`s are standing araound the Public Quest "Hunting the Hunters"
  5. Return to "Radulf the elder" after you killed both Npc`s.
  6. Accept the updatet quest and travel to chapter 22 Inevitable Fire. Follow the path down to castle Reiksguard and look for the Npc "Jaust Wickham".
  7. Turn in you Quest and he gives you a new Quest. Speak to "Kateryna" who`s standing right behind him.
  8. Speak to "Jaust Wickham" again and turn in your Quest.
  9. Step 3: Kill 8 Shallya Priestess at the Public Quest "Reiksguard Training Ground" .
  10. Speak to "Priestress Sabine" inside the Castle by running left and near the Stables.
  11. Step 4: Kill Duke Wickham and 5 "Reiksguard Cannoneer" and 5 "Reiksguard Defender" at the Public Quest "Reiksguard Training Ground"
  12. Speak to "Radulf the Elder" at Ritterburg. 59500,36000
  13. Use Annihilationist Altar (in the Dead Mans Cave) 38812,16300 and return to Radulf the Elder
  14. Kill 20 Annihilation Fanatics
  15. The End! Choose 1 Weapon of ur chose.

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