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Anlec, also known as Tor Anlec is the ex-capital of the Elven Kingdom of Nagarythe, what is left of this once glorious city is in the Shadowlands, the shattered remains of Nagarythe. Anlec was once the greatest city in Ulthuan and Aenarion himself held court there, however most of Anlec has been destroyed or sunk into the depths of the Great Ocean in the millennia since the Sundering.

Historically, the site of Anlec is one of the first targets of a Druchii invasion. As Tor Anlec was the court of his father, Malekith marks Druchii control over the Shadowlands during an invasion by rebuilding the city for use as the Druchii capitol. Interestingly, Malekith has chosen not to do so this time.

Part of the reason for that might be the fate of a rebuilt Anlec. The Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe regard Anlec as a symbol of treachery and deviance, and endeavour to destroy it whenever it is rebuilt. Famously, the Shadow King Alith Anar captured the city during one of the Druchii invasions and killed all Druchii within it's walls, down to every last male, female and child.

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