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A basic Public Quest in Thunder Mountain for Order players.

  • Stage 1 - "A failed attempt to retake the ruins of Ankul Grob from the greenskins. Slay the Carrion Squigs alongside their Bloody Sun breeders and free the Dying Oathbearers from their fate."
Bloody Sun Boyz Killed - 20
Carrion Squigs KIlled - 10
Dying Oathbreakers Saved From Torture - 10
  • Stage 2 - 15:00 - "Lead by a Doomseeker, the Cult of Drakk has ambushed the battlefield to recover Ankul Grob's Anvil of Doom and taking prisoners to be sacrificed. They cannot be allowed to uncover the artifact!"
Drakk Excavators Killed - 20
Drakk Guardians Killed - 10
Drakk Wardbreakers Killed - 3
Ivor & Daddy:"Concentrate on killing the Guardians first whenever you find them, as they don't respawn. The Excavators respawn at two points (the entrance and from across the bridge), so there are plenty of them to kill."

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