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Angry Peasant

Angry Peasant

Rank 9 Mob
Type Humanoids
Subtype Human
Species Empire
Zone Nordland
Subzone Grimmenhagen Village

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

Angry Peasants are Empire mobs that can be found several locations in Nordland, searching for heretics.

Achievements Edit

Angry Peasants can occassionally be found in a mob led by a Pious Hunter through the streets of settlements in Nordland, following up on reports of heresy. After spawning, the mob makes its way through the streets, stopping only when near one of several Frightened Peasants that spawn at the same time as the mob, before continuing on.

These witch hunts only spawn when a significant player population is present in the given area. Speaking with Frightened Peasants found in the various locations unlocks the three parts of the Pursuit Achievement Stirring Up Trouble.

Tome Unlock Edit

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