And I Just Cleaned My Boots

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And I Just Cleaned My Boots

A sleeping Snotling

And I Just Cleaned My Boots is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for the Snotling.

Entry Details Edit

Order & Destruction Edit

  • Zone: The Blighted Isle
  • Location: 48k,48k
  • Find a Snotling lying at the base of a large stone, east of the Tor Aendris Warcamp. On top of this stone is a clickable rock which will roll down and crush the Snotling, unlocking the entry.
  • (As of 7/6/10 the Loose Rock is no longer clickable and the unlock can't be completed)
  • (Completed it august 7th 2010... You just have to stand on the big rock to be able to interact with the clickable one)
  • Confirmed for above: You have to be on the rock, and may have to walk a bit on it to be able to trigger the unlock.

Rewards Edit

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