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Ancient History

Tier 1 Order Travel Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Saritha Lightweaver
End Dwallin Stonebeard


Ancient History map
(click to enlarge)

The days of all-out war with the Dwarfs are long since done, and our alliance with them in the current conflict will do much to alleviate the bitterness our peoples continue to foster.

These stout warrior stand in Bloodhorn against an overwhelming tide of greenskins. Venture there and offer your services to Dwallin Stonebeard. Perhaps your actions in Bloodhorn will cause the Dwarfs to erase a few lines from the great Book of Grudges on behalf of the High Elves.

Particulars Edit

  • Make your way through to Roarhammer's Stand in Mount Bloodhorn and report to Dwallin Stonebeard.

Objectives Edit

  • Report to Dwallin Stonebeard

In-Progress Text Edit

We can handle the assault here. We will repulse my cousins as we have done a thousand times in the past!

Completion Text Edit

By me braided brown beard, another {career}! I've seen more o' yer sort in the past week than I've seen in the past hundred years. I've yet to make up me mind whether or not it be worth havin' ye around, but I suppose I've got to give ye lads a bot o' credit for showing up at all.

Now prove what yer made of, and get t' fightin!

Rewards Edit

1600 XP

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