An Offer You Can't Refuse I

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An Offer You Can't Refuse

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Subzone Komar
Start Thargrim Stonebrow
End Gron Stoneson

Quest Chain

Thargrim Stonebrow
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse I

Gron Stoneson


An Offer You Can't Refuse I map
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Gron Stoneson's one o' the best engineers we have, and he's been helpin' us keep our cannon in the best o' shape. Still, he tends t' get a bit distracted. Ever since we came back t' Bloodhorn, he's been goin' on and on 'bout findin' his ol' family mine.

With the fightin' pickin' up t' our east, I sent him over t' help the efforts in the warcamp, but I've heard he's yet to report in. I'm guessin' he's gone off in search o' the mine. Find him, and get 'im to the warcamp!

- Thargrim Stonebrow

Summary Edit

Gron Stoneson appears to have been distracted by the search for his family mine. Find him, and ask that he report in to the warcamp.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

Well, get goin'! Gron's needed at the warcamp, and we can't be havin' 'im distracted lookin' for the mine!

- Thargrim Stonebrow

On Completion Edit

Aye, I 'aven't forgotten about the warcamp. But, it's me family mine! I've found it, and it's right 'ere in these mountains!

- Gron Stoneson

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1640

External Links Edit

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