An Oath Fulfilled

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An Oath Fulfilled

Tier 2 Order Travel Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Oathhold
Start Foreman Grundigson
End Harkum Stoutgut


An Oath Fulfilled map
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To forge the Doomstrikers, the High King asked us t' gather four materials. The first o' these was the bitterstone ore we got from Ekrund. Then, we were needin' oathgold, which we've found plenty of 'ere in the Marshes.

Now we're needin' brightstone, and that one's only found in the mines beneath ol' Mount Gunbad. Those mines were sealed off long ago, since those chuffin' Night Goblins overran the place, but our ol' legends tell o' a secret way in built by these Mourkain wretches.

Some o' our band 'ave already made their way t' the Badlands t' start the search for the lost mines. We've things t' finish 'ere, but when your work is done, {name}, I'm askin' you t' join the band who've gone t' that blasted place. Harkum Stoutgut's waitin' for our best, and you're one of 'em!

- Foreman Grundigson

Summary Edit

Travel to Norrikson's Excavation in the Badlands, staying alert for greenskin ambushers.

Speak to Alethewn Stoutgut once you arrive.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

Get a move on!

- Foreman Grundigson

On Completion Edit

You've come from the Marshes of Madness? sounds like our band there 'ave things well in 'and. The oathgold's certain to be makin' it to Karaz-a-Karak now.

The brightstone might be a bit 'arder t' come by. Only one Dwarf 'ad a notion o' where that secret tunnel into Mount Gunbad might be, an' he's long gone. Phineas Fireforge was 'is name, and he came t' this land t' study these 'ere ruins for clues as t' where the tunnel might be.

Before movin' on, he'd scratched some Dwarf runes on these 'ere pillars. We're goin' t' decipher 'em, but we'll be needin' the help o' stout Dwarfs like yourself to keep all the beasts o' the Badlands off our backs, especially those chuffin' greenskins!

- Harkum Stoutgut

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1889
  • 46 Silver Coin 93 Copper Coin

External Links Edit

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