Among the Shadows XIII

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Among the Shadows XIII

Order Epic Quest
Zone Chrace
Start Memory Stone
End Rubric of Betrayal
Previous Among the Shadows XII
Next Among the Shadows XIV


Among the Shadows XIII map
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Someone or something is disrupting the ley energies coursing through Chrace, and after witnessing the Dark Elves' work at the lesser menhirs, there is no doubt as to who or where.

The Stone of Imrathir must remain within High Elf hands!

Particulars Edit

  • Make your way south to the Stone of Imrathir and prevent the Dark Elves from securing the Manhir.

Objectives Edit

  • Rubric of Betrayal 0/1

In-Progress Text Edit

The power that seeps from the Memory Stone is palpable.

Completion Text Edit

Among the Shadows XIII Rubric

The Rubric of Betrayal

The stone Rubric pulses with a sinister light. This close to the Dark Elf creation, tendrils of energy can be seen connecting the Rubrics to the greater menhir stone, draining the menhir of power. Chilling waves travel up your spine as you recognize the cold of the void.

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

External Links Edit

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