Among the Shadows XII

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Among the Shadows XII

Order Epic Quest
Zone Chrace
Start Gaelnielle Whitewing
End Memory Stone
Previous Among the Shadows XI
Next Among the Shadows XIII


Among the Shadows XII map
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The Stone of Imrathir stands to our south, along the Shadowlands border, where the energies ebb and flow along the ley lines to meet in a nexus of unimaginable power.

Everstar Lake and the Flamescale Caverns straddle two of the strongest energy currents. If my fears are correct, the Dark Elves are already moving to seize control of these radial lines. Find the Memory Stones associated with each of the currents, for they are ancient and powerful objects, and will quickly tell you the condition of each line.

Particulars Edit

  • Travel first to the Flamescale Cavern and inspect the nearby Memory Stone to check the status of the ley line. Afterwards, seek out Everstar Lake's Memory Stone and ensure that it, too, remains in High Elf hands.

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

The depth of my cousins' depravity is limitless.

Completion Text Edit

The pull of unused magic swirls about the rune-carved stone, coalescing into a strange, ghostly light. The light continues to grow, pulsing with the power flowing into it. Soundlessly, a wave of force ripples over the carved surface of the Memory Stone, meeting the gathering ball of magic and causing it to erupt in a surge of rampant energy.

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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