Among the Shadows XI

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Among the Shadows XI

Order Epic Quest
Zone Chrace
Start Ankahri Silverleaf
End Gaelnielle Whitewing
Previous Among the Shadows X
Next Among the Shadows XII


Among the Shadows XI map
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If what you say is true, the Dark Elves would have done more than simply occupy the town. As it is, their actions speak more of acquiring captives than rebuilding shrines.

No, the warriors who secured Yenlui were after material, not magical, gain. Curse them!

It will go ill if we were to discount any theory out of hand. Share your thoughts with Gaelnielle. Of all the mages in Chrace, she is the most learned.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

I cannot sit idly by and watch Yenlui burn!

Completion Text Edit

Larineth may not understand the nature of her dreams, but she has done well to listen when Ulthuan speaks. The existence of this map at last makes our cousins' purpose clear.

Destroying the Menhir stones would not even enter their mind. The Witch King himself still bears the scars of a failed attempt to disrupt the magic that binds Ulthuan. No, our Dark Kin seek to control the stones, for they who control the stones control the Vortex .. and, as a result, all of Ulthuan.

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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