Among the Shadows VII

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Among the Shadows VII

Order Epic Quest
Zone Chrace
Start Liraenor Nightwhisper
End Ley Line Map
Previous Among the Shadows VI
Next Among the Shadows VIII


Among the Shadows VII map
(click to enlarge)

The kin-traitors attack using their fastest ships, as if their only intent were the taking of prisoners, but at no time through the years have they attempted a large scale invasion for such a task.

Make haste to the Shattered Beach and see if you can determine what they are truly after. If this be yet another raid for captives, we will visit upon them a vengeance so complete there will be nothing left of their force to limp back to Naggaroth!

Particulars Edit

  • Make your way to the Shattered Beach, east of the Blightsward, and fight through the Corsairs to reach their boats. Search the supplies near their boats for anything of interest.

Objectives Edit

  • Ley Line Map 0/3

In-Progress Text Edit

Among the Shadows VII Ley Line Map

Ley Line Map

What can they be after?

Completion Text Edit

The parchment unrolls to reveal an intricate map of Ulthuan. Delicately outlined hills and mountains appear to rise from the page through some trick of the light.

Overlaying the land, silver lines have been drawn, with lesser, smaller trails meandering off of them. The lines overlap in some places, forming small glittering spirals.

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

External Links Edit

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