Among the Shadows V

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Among the Shadows V

Tier 1 Order Epic Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Cithmiril Ironlance
End Cithmiril Ironlance
Previous Among the Shadows IV
Next Among the Shadows VI


Among the Shadows V map
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Though Elothain's absence in troubling, we dare not allow ourselves to be distracted from the threat looming on the horizon. Aye, {name}, if our dark kin are are indeed intent on recovering the accursed blade, all of their actions thus far would suddenly fall into place.

Shorewind judged you ready for battle, else he would not have sent you to the defense of Lacorith. A more dangerous task I place upon you now: venture out into the Plain of Bone and determine the numbers of our enemies. This will aide us in discovering their true purpose here.

Particulars Edit

  • Venture out onto the Plain of Bone, using the Vellum Map to record the position of the enemy army. Report back to Cithmiril Ironlance when done.

Objectives Edit

  • Scout Plain of Bone 0/1

In-Progress Text Edit

If you wish to survive long enough to learn the lessons of battle, you will pay heed to my words.

Completion Text Edit

Your report is vexing, {name}. The Dark Elves mass in small numbers, moving southwards to Chrace, yet they pass the Altar of Khaine without an attempt at taking the prize.

I had hoped your news would provide a pattern to their actions, but I am left with a puzzling combination of raids and retreats without any clear destination.

I must think on this ...

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

External Links Edit

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