Among the Shadows III

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Among the Shadows III

Tier 1 Order Epic Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Cold Campfire
End Prince's Guard
Previous Among the Shadows II
Next Among the Shadows IV


Among the Shadows III map
(click to enlarge)

The underbrush is trampled leading eastward toward the swampy tangle known as the Swale of Miralei. The tracks look fresh. Perhaps this is the trail of Prince Elothain.

Particulars Edit

  • Follow Elothain's trail deep into the heart of the Swale of Miralei, and search for signs of the missing Prince.

Objectives Edit

  • Prince's Guard
NOTE: The quest objective (the body) is near the glowing pillar. Look near there for an elf body with a sword in its chest.

Completion Text Edit

The teeth and claws of Cold Ones have ravaged the High Elf's body beyond recognition, but these were not the wounds that killed him. His death wound can be clearly seen: a single thrust to the chest, aimed unerringly for his heart.

Rewards Edit

Among the Shadows III, Prince's Guard

The Prince's Fallen Guard

Quest Progression Edit

External Links Edit

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