Among the Shadows I

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Among the Shadows I

Tier 1 Order Epic Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Eronin Shorewind
End Yrsol Whisperwing
Next Among the Shadows II


Among the Shadows I map
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The sudden assault upon Narthain is a wound to us all, {name}, but we dare not let ourselves stand paralyzed by fear. My dark kin are masters of warfare whose brutal cunning has been carefully honed by the abominable lands of Naggaroth. They will not attack Narthain and leave Lacorith unmolested for long.

Prince Elothain has been given command of Lacorith's defenses, and I will send you west to join his troops. Your sole purpose is to deny my wicked cousins purchase upon the Blighted Isle. It gives me no joy to do so, for you are yet young and untested upon the field of battle.

Particulars Edit

  • Travel southwest through the Blighted Isle to the small town of Lacorith within Daroir Lacorith and speak with Yrsol Whisperwing.

Objectives Edit

  • Speak with Yrsol Whisperwing

In-Progress Text Edit

Go west, {career}! Join Prince Elothain's ranks and serve valiantly!

Completion Text Edit

Prince Elothain and his troops have been here and gone again, young one. Their hands organized the defenses you see, and Elothain himself selected from among our recruits those steady enough to work on the Eagle's Claw crews.

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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