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Among the Shadows
Among the Shadows I
Among the Shadows II
Among the Shadows III
Among the Shadows IV
Among the Shadows V
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Among the Shadows is the Tier 1 High Elf epic quest chain. Beginning in the village of Adunei, in the Blighted Isle, players are led south into Chrace and ultimately toward the border of the Shadowlands as they attempt to discern the Dark Elf plot that lies behind their current invasion of Ulthuan.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Part 1 
The defense of Lacorith has fallen to young Prince Elothain. Having proven their abilities in Adunei, players are sent southwest by Eronin Shorewind to support the Prince's forces.
Part 2 
Yrsol Whisperwing reports the Prince and his forces left in pursuit of a party of Dark Elves just this morning. Disappearing into the mists, they have yet to return to Lacorith.
Part 3 
An abandoned campfire indicates a location where the Prince and his men, or their quarry, spent some time. Nearby, a trail leads into the Swale of Miralei.
Among the Shadows III, Prince's Guard

The Prince's Fallen Guard

Part 4 
Evidence of those the players seek, the corpse of one of Elothain's guards lies where he fell. The corpse, ravaged by the beasts of the Swale, indicates that the region's defenders may have fallen to their prey.
Part 5 
After hearing of the missing Prince, Shining Guard forces at the Tor Aendris Warcamp fear the kin-traitors seek the Altar of Khaine. Cithmiril Ironlance charges the players with investigating the site in order to ensure the Dark Elves fail to claim the blade that rests within as their own.
Part 6 
The Dark Elf forces are bypassing the Altar and continuing south into Chrace. Though their intent remains unclear, their presence is troubling. They seek something else, and those defending the Blightsward must know of their arrival.
Part 7 
This Dark Elf invasion is unlike any before it. Liraenor Nightwhisper believes clues to their purpose will be revealed by investigating the vessels that have landed upon the Shattered Beach.
Among the Shadows VII Ley Line Map

A map of Ulthuan's Ley Lines

Part 8 
A map of Ulthuan, of intricate craftsmanship and marked with silver lines, leads players to the long abandoned Ruins of Erraneth.
Part 9 
Prince Elothain lies dead, slain by the hand of the treacherous Dark Elves. His murderer must face retribution, and the deed reported to those who still hold against the tide of invaders.
Part 10 
The Dark Elves seek the nodes of magical energy that flow beneath the land. Players are given the task of investigating the locations marked on the map, and bring news of the kin-traitor's actions to those further south.
Part 11 
Yenlui has fallen into the hands of the Dark Elves, but its remaining defenders remain intent on reclaiming their home. Ankahri Silverleaf believes the invader's actions will be made clear to the south.
Part 12 
Any who control the Menhir stones control Ulthuan itself. Players arrive behind the Dark Elves, and Gaelnielle Whitewing sends them out to determine what damage has already been inflicted by the High Elves' dark cousins.
Among the Shadows XIII Rubric

The Rubric of Betrayal

Part 13 
The ley line energies are being disrupted, and the cause is clear: Dark Elves seek to claim the Stone of Imrathir for their own.
Part 14 
Their plot has been put to an end, but those Dark Elves responsible still remain. Lirith Darksong must be slain, lest she begin her work anew.

Item Rewards Edit

Class Equipment Edit

Career Equipment Career Equipment
Ironbreaker Icon
Engineer Icon
File:Runepriest Icon.jpg
Witch Hunter Icon
Brightwizard Icon
Warrior Priest Icon
Swordmaster Icon
High Elf Sword 002 Blade of Suster
White Lion Icon
Shadow Warrior Icon
Archmage Icon

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