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Here is a list of basic quests in Altdorf that can be completed by characters of rank 1 to 10.

Altdorf Quests (1) Edit

Quest Name NPC Name NPC Location Coords Min Level

Center of the World Crier Kiosch Helo entry at
the Emperor's Palace
21k, 17k 1
Dangerous Delicacies Cafe Sign East side of
Market Square
21k, 20k 1
Everyone Pays Collector Schmikt South side of
Market Square
19k, 20k 1
Ogre Bodyguards Timoteo Amatangelo Ship at The Docks 1
An Innocent Man Warin Foerster Central Statue on Stairs 1
Sky's the Limit Alrick Redwing Small Market north of Temple 1
History Lessons Book: "Altdorf History" Library varies 1
Dogs of War Captain Lochner Center of War Quarters 10

Notes Edit

  • The quests involve a fair amount of running around, but are otherwise simple (once you know where to find things). They yield a substantial amount of money and experience in a short amount a time for lower-level characters. When you get the hang of it, you can do the quests together (to minimize the amount of running).
  • Many of the quests have multiple steps.
  • Only the Dogs of War quest actually involves any fighting (one level 10 mob) in this set of quests.

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