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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Zone Info
Realm: Order
Army: Order of the Griffon
Tier: 4 (Capital)
Paired with: The Inevitable City

Altdorf is the capital city of The Empire, and the entire Order, from where Emperor Karl Franz commands the Imperial army from his palace overlooking the city. It is here in Reikland's heart that the Order of the Griffon was founded and here that it will be destroyed, if Tchar'zanek succeeds in his war against the Empire.


The first city of the Empire, Altdorf sits at the turgid confluence of the River Reik and the River Talabec, where the slow, wide waters of the two rivers flow in channels between broad mud flats. The docks lining the downstream fringe of the city known as the Reiksport are the last navigable point on the Reik for seafaring vessels, and the city attracts sailors and merchants from the furthest reaches of the world. Foreign traders, adventurers and fortune seekers and the presence of the Imperial court ensure that the streets of Altdorf bustle with diverse activity; Merchants peddle their wares including various sundries, weaponry, “rat on a stick” snacks, apothecary leeches, and anything else that will fetch a price, all supporting a flourishing economy.

Since its foundation over a millenia ago (when it was originally known as Reikdorf), the city has grown mainly due to chance and circumstance. The streets of Altdorf are lined with rows of tall, aging layered houses that have been built up and onto repeatedly with each passing generation. Decay and decrepitude are common, beggars and thieves are a constant annoyance, and under the streets unspeakable horrors lurk in the rotting sewers. Even with this decay, the city is still a grand sight to see. You can find yourself walking along one of the dark narrow corridors that pass as streets in Altdorf only to round the corner and enter an ornate plaza framing a magnificent statue dedicated to some ancient hero of the Empire.

In the middle of the Reik, the great spike of the Reiksfang looms over the city. In times of old, this doughty fortress was the castle of the Prince of Altdorf, and withstood many sieges. Today, it serves as a prison for the most dangerous criminals in the Empire, arranging them in order of rank and wealth from the tastefully appointed chambers high in the fortress' towers to the dark, dank cells cut from the rock, deep below water level.

Altdorf is home to many of the most famous institutions of the land. The Great Temple of Sigmar, the Imperial College of Engineers, the Imperial Zoo and the Altdorf Press all benefit from the patronage of the Emperor. The majestic towers of the eight Colleges of Magic loom over the city, from the spires of which the wizards observe currents in the winds of magic. It is here that magic users from across the Old World come to learn their art, and where the Empire’s deadly Battle Wizards are trained. Due to the magical nature of the Colleges, the presence of the buildings may cause the layout of the districts around the Colleges to shift.

PvE ContentEdit

Tome of KnowledgeEdit

Information on Tome of Knowledge unlocks / achievements in Altdorf:


Quests for characters of all ranks can be found in Altdorf. However, many high-level quests are available to low-level characters (though they will experience some nasty surprises if they attempt them). The trick is knowing which quests to start when. Here are some helpful lists:

Public QuestsEdit

Several Public Quests exist in Altdorf, but they are not "active" until triggered by an action.

(note - Pub Brawl, Bank Robbery, Steam Tank Repairs? Unsure of names)

RvR ContentEdit

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When two of the pairings (Dwarf v Greenskins, Empire v Chaos and the High elf v Dark elf) are controlled by Destruction, Altdorf becomes contested - meaning that it can be attacked. The invaders will lay siege to the city, and if they succeed, open the city for pillaging.


Getting to AltdorfEdit

Starting characters from any race within the order faction can fly to Altdorf by visiting the Warcamp in their starting zone. The war camp is typically located on the edge of the RvR region in the tier 1 zone. Flight Masters at the war camps will fly you to any other flight master that you have visited, and to your faction's capital city.

Locations of InterestEdit


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  • The name "Altdorf" in German means "old village", and is a common town name in Germany, as well as being appropriate for one of the oldest towns in the Empire.
  • It is also very likely a reference to the Early Renaissance artist Albrecht Altdorfer whose paintings, especially The Battle of Alexander at Issus are cited as a seminal influence on the art of Warhammer by Games Workshop's art director John Blanche.

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