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A Normal Public Quest in Chaos Wastes for Order players.

  • Stage 1 - "The dark rituals of Chaos followers are a mystery to most. Slay the abominable Ebon Creed that stalk the Altar of Madness"
Eboncreed Elder - 15
Eboncreed Whisperer - 25
Eboncreed Acolyte - 50
  • Stage 2 - 7:00 - "The Altar of Madness holds all these people in thrall. Destroy the Altar and awaken them from their madness!"
Altar of Madness - 1
  • Stage 3 - 10:00 "The Mindless Devoted turn on their would-be rescuers, attempting to drag them down with sheer numbers. Slay all of the Devoted, lest the souls of the Order forces be consumed by the Great Manipulator."
Mindless Devoted - 1

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