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An Alliance is a grouping of one or more guilds into a super-collective of players.


Alliances allow players from across server populations to co-ordinate their efforts to better facilitate their plans. When a player forms or joins a guild that guild has the option of creating an Alliance with another guild. These two guilds will then share a common chat channel, as well as a co-ordinated leadership shared between the members guilds. An alliance may bridge as little as two guilds, or a full ten guilds at its peak.

With the propensity of some guilds to grow to huge numbers (occasionally, and derisively referred to as "Zerg Guilds" - after the tactic of "Zerging",) it is entirely possible for one Alliance to grow to encompass the majority of a realm's population on a server. However, some alliances may choose to be smaller, more manageable groups working in specialized roles. The working structure of an alliance, much like a guild, is entirely up to the players involved.


Each Alliance can vary its own structure according to its needs, from a loose knit defensive pact, to a confederacy of guilds, to a tight knit super-guild like structure. However, built in to the game system is a pre-set structure for each alliance. Each alliance has the ability to appoint up to 10 alliance leaders (representing each member guild,) and 50 alliance officers (up to five representing each guild.)

  • Alliance Leaders
    • Alliance Officers
      • Alliance Member
    • Guild Leader
      • Guild Officers
        • Guild Members

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