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Shadow King
Alith Anar, or the Shadow King as he is known by the people of Nagarythe (now known as the Shadowlands), is recognised as the leader of the Shadow Warriors. He is also possibly the Asur who inspires the most fear in the hearts of the Druchii, for more than any High Elf, even Eltharion the Grim, Alith Anar is a match for Druchii bloodlust, Druchii cunning, and the Druchii desire for vengeance.


The SunderingEdit

The story of Alith Anar begins shortly before the Civil War, when Nagarythe was the seat of Malekith. While the cities of Nagarythe sank into decadence under the influence of Morathi and the Cult of Pleasure, the hill clans of Nagarythe, grim warriors forged in the Wars against Chaos held aloof. Their leader was Eoloran Anar, a noble of one of the oldest families of Nagarythe, a loyalist to Caledor I, and grandfather to Alith Anar.

When Malekith moved against the Phoenix King, his hand fell first and hardest upon the loyalist forces in Nagarythe. At the Battle of Dark Fen, Eothlir,  son of Eoloran Anar and father to Alith Anar, and an army of loyalist archers and spearmen staged a last stand against a rebel army three times their number, holding them off until the Dark Elf General Kheranion's Black Dragon crushed their formation, fatally wounded Eothlir, and sent the loyalists scattering.

At his father's last command, Alith Anar and the few survivors fled, making their way through a perilous gauntlet of pursuers, through fen and swamp; the Druchii harried them for weeks before finally abandoning pursuit. When they returned to the Anars' stronghold of Elanardris, they found the Druchii had attacked it in their absence; dozens of the elderly, women, and children had been slaughtered without mercy. Alith also learned from the few survivors that his grandfather Eolaran had been taken to the dungeons of Anlec: he was never seen again. As they regrouped, the survivors swore oaths of vengeance, and made themselves masters of the art of guerrilla warfare. During the Civil War, Alith Anar and his guerrillas served as the eyes and ears of the loyalist army, striking without warning and without mercy, their lightning strikes often playing a decisive role in major battles.

Other exploitsEdit

After the Civil-war known as the Sundering, when Asur minds turned to peace, Alith Anar and his followers were desolate. Viewed by their peers as tainted by the treachery of Malekith, their people and their homeland torn to shreds by the Sundering, the warriors of Nagarythe swore an blood oath to the Goddess Morai-Heg: that no Nagarythi would rest until Malekith and every last one of their traitor kinsmen were dead. Alith Anar was acclaimed their Shadow King, and the Nagarythi took up the title of Shadow Warriors.

From that day on, Alith Anar and his Shadow Warriors have waged an eternal war against the Druchii, no matter whether the rest of the Asur declared it peace or war. This war is a total war, fought without quarter or mercy, and without borders. In so doing, Alith Anar made himself a figure of fear and terror among his enemies:

At the Battle of Griffin Pass, Alith Anar had 700 Dark Elves nailed alive to the cliffs of the pass. Their iron nails still can be seen today, rusting into the mountain side.

In every invasion of the Shadowlands, Alith Anar has personally overseen the destruction of the rebuilt Tor Anlec and all Druchii who live within it. It is said that he has sworn an oath that Tor Anlec will never be re-founded.

On at least two occasions, Anar has staged successful raids of Naggaroth, the only High Elf to have ever invaded Druchii territory and emerged unscathed (though this has also been said of Eltharion, as he has launched an invasion and escaped unscathed as well). It is said that on one raid, Alith Anar disguised himself as a Druchii and infiltrated Malekith's own court, where he danced with Morathi and stole the Stone of Midnight from her treasury. When Morathi sent out Witch Elves to retrieve the stone, Anar tricked them into drinking blood mixed with poison, and escaped as they died.

The legend of the Shadow KingEdit

Since then, Alith Anar has appeared and disappeared numerous times, as elusive as the shadows from which he draws his title. The shadow warriors sired many children in the lands of the Anars, called the Aesanar, who lead the clans of the Nagarythi to this day. However, no one really knows if the Shadow King is alive or dead: the Druchii have claimed to have killed him on numerous occasions, but Alith Anar keeps surfacing, most recently in Eltharion's raid on Naggarond. Some Asur think that the name is ritually handed down to the eldest of the Aesanar, as a way of continuing the legend. Others claim that Alith Anar has become a spirit of vengeance, who cannot rest until Malekith is dead. Still others claim that Alith Anar is summoned into existence through a mystical Crown of Shadows when the Druchii invade his homeland. Or perhaps the most cunning High Elf ever born continues to survive.

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