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Albion is a small, windswept island off the coast of Norsca in the Great Ocean. It is said that it rains every day in Albion, the islands are shrouded in mist and heavy fog and the land is predominantly bogs, marshes and fens. This damp and gloomy environment is inhabited by tribes of woad-wearing humans, led by Truthsayers, guardian of the mysterious Ogham stones, and inhabited by creatures such as giants and the strange fimir. The isle of Albion could possibly be similar to Great Britain or Ireland.

History of AlbionEdit

The island of Albion first entered the annals of history when it was chosen as a location for the stone circles errected by the Lizardmen and the High Elves during the First Great War against Chaos. The circular formations of standing Ogham stones are part of the ancient network of magical devices that direct the raw Winds of Magic that blow from the Realm of Chaos at the north pole of the world towards the vortex at Ulthuan. The mild, damp, stormy weather and the degenerate nature of the men on the island are consequences of this magical influx.

Ages ago, a Tilean explorer and conqueror - Courious Gesar, the so-called First Citizen of Remas - once reached the shores of the misty islands and tried to introduce the native barbarians to the ways of Tilean culture. After that proved to be an entirely unsuccessful exercise, he took Hengus the Druid and the two biggest giants of Albion with him as hostages. He was assassinated soon after returning to Tilea and the giants roam now the old World as mercenary Dogs of War.

The Truthsayers of Albion practice a weird branch of magic which is tied closely to the land and the Ogham Stones of the island. It is believed to be linked to The Old Faith - the religion of the druids in the Old World. Truthsayers have the power to raise and control the fearsome Fenbeasts, and they can occasionally be found far from the shores of Albion working as Dogs of War, summoning and directing Fenbeasts in battle for the benefit of their employers.

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