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Alaric the Mad was an ancient dwarven runesmith. He is famous for his many creations, and most of them are indeed among the most powerful artifacts in the world.

Famous CreationsEdit

  • Nemesis Crown was his last, and possibly most powerful (and dangerous) contraption. Constructed of pure warpstone, almost everyone that has touched it has been driven mad. It was not very famous before the recent Nemesis War, although like the Storm of Chaos, this is unlikely to be canon in WAR.
  • Ghal Maraz, Khazalid for "Skull-Splitter" is likely the strongest of his artifacts. Granted by the dwarven king Kurgan Ironbeard to Sigmar in return for rescuing him from Orcs, this weapon has been the symbol of The Empire, the Church of Sigmar and the alliance between The Empire and the Dwarfs.
  • The Runefangs, forged on orders from King Kurgan, were granted as a gift to the chieftains of the tribes that became the Elector Counts of Sigmar's Empire, they are now the symbols of the Counts and are used whenever a count is in combat.

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