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Bitter Rivals Map 001
Airship Schematics
Quest Item

"So this is Ernst's famous airship, eh? I hadn't gotten a good look at this iteration of the plans. I'm more certain than ever that this'll get you where you're goin'. I'll let people know about th' Dark Elves' involvement here, that'll get the ball rolling right quick. We'll be on our way soon, thanks to you."

- Commander Zefrun Axewing, Quest Completion Text: Getting Off the Ground IV

Airship Schematics is a Quest item and part of a Quest Chain for Bitter Rivals.

Source Edit

"Problem is, I can't find where the plans have got to. I saw someone messin' with my shipment when I was comin' back from a little break at the tavern. By the time I reached the stack he'd legged it down that alley."

- Ernst Aerostat, Quest Introduction Text: Getting Off the Ground III

Airship Schematics are obtained by defeating the Dark Elf Spy, in Altdorf.

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"My first real chance at fundin' and some two-bit thief makes off with my schematics."

- Ernst Aerostat, Quest In-Progress Text: Getting Off the Ground III

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