Agmar Stonemane

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Agmar Stonemane

Agmar Stonemane

Rank 2 Quest Giver
Realm Order
Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Goldbrow's Lament
Coordinates 18500, 40800

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Order Friendly

You see the length of me beard? It's long. That means you best hear me out, 'cause I've been around a lot longer than the likes of you.

- Agmar Stonemane

Agmar Stonemane is a Dwarf miner that can be found in Goldbrow's Lament, part of the mining complex located in southern Ekrund. He's of the opinion that the mines in the area should have been closed long ago, despite the current need for Bitterstone ore. He maintains that the only way to truly rid the complex of the greenskins that currently infest it is to bury them under part of the mountain.

Quests Edit

I've been telling the beardlings to blow these blasted mines shut for years! Now look at the mess we're in!

Blasted bags of fungus 'ave overrun the place!

- Agmar Stonemane

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