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One of the princes of of Nagarythe called Alandrian, who had sided with the druchii, was commissioned by Morathi to kill the Shadow King. He, his two daughters, Hellebron and Lirieth, who were Khainite assasins and Ashniel, a sorcereress and first love of Alith succeded in trapping and killing many of Alith's Shadows. They succeded in killing an elf with the Moonbow,who managed to kill Lirieth. Only two escaped the slaughter. Everyone thought the Shadow King dead, even his own Shadows, who were gathered by Tharion,the eldest of the Shadow-walkers, in Elanadris, the destroyed by the druchii manse of house Anar. They made refugee camps and lived in peace for several years lacking not only a cunning leader, but also numbers. The many years of guirilla warfare had taken a heavy toll on them. They resolved the latter by finding all those who lived in the towns, villages and cities that were occupied by the druchii , but disliked and hated them. The Shadows took them in Elanadris and founded a new secret kingdom ( more like a refugee camp). These people called themselves Aesanar, which means 'The New People of Anar' and Tharion was called the First Lord of The Aesanar.

by Panthalas

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