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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Adunei, The Blighted Isle

The ancient village of Adunei stands surrounded by enemies on all sides. Dark Elves have been sighted in the forests to the west, as well as the coastal marshes to the east, as they travel south toward Daroir Lacorith and beyond. They abandoned a seemingly easy victory against the Shining Guard in the north in order to push toward their current objective. What that objective may be, however, remains to be seen.

In Warhammer Online Edit

Adunei is the hub for Chapter 2 of the High Elf storyline. It lies in close proximity to the chapter's three Public Quests, Thanalorn Forest, the Swale of Miralei, and the Forlorn Isle, as well as acting as the introduction to the game's crafting system for High Elf characters.

Quests radiate outward from Adunei in all directions, and are primarily aimed at discovering the true intentions of the invading Dark Elves as well as minimizing their impact on the area. Players are given the first quest in the Tier 1 High Elf epic quest line, Among the Shadows, when they are sent south to join the forces of Prince Elothain in Lacorith.

Quest progression in Adunei naturally leads players south to Sternbrow's Lament and the Tor Aendris Warcamp.

Adunei NPCs Edit

Adunei Artists' Terrace

The Artists' Terrace, Overlooking the Sea

Service NPCs Edit

Merchants Edit

Trainers Edit

Adunei Mobs Edit

Adunei Quests Edit

Quest Name Type Quest Start Quest End Notes
A New Way I PvE Rirelis Swiftblade Soldier's Orders
Among the Shadows I Epic Eronin Shorewind Yrsol Whisperwing
Artistry of War I PvE Eronin Shorewind Eronin Shorewind
Artistry of War II PvE Eronin Shorewind Eronin Shorewind
Artistry of War III PvE Eronin Shorewind Eronin Shorewind
Artistry of War IV PvE Eronin Shorewind Eronin Shorewind
Artistry of War V PvE Eronin Shorewind Eronin Shorewind
Artistry of War VI PvE Eronin Shorewind Eronin Shorewind
Cruelty to Animals I PvE Rirelis Swiftblade Swale Mare
Eyes of Shadow I PvE Norsael Truebow Arremar Swiftblade
Khaine's Embrace RvR Shining Warscout Shining Warscout
Restoring Harmony I PvE Warden Teriel Spirit of Thanalorn
Sea Guard Memorial PvE Memorial Memorial
Silent Shores I Travel Kyrinn Silversea Haladhrel Sternbrow
Storm the Breach PvE Warden Teriel Warden Teriel
Traditions of War I PvE Norsael Truebow Yrsol Whisperwing
The Blighted Isle Subzones
Icon High Elves Shining Guard
AduneiAzurewood ForestAzurewood GladeCalumelDaroir LacorithDuskwatchFire Crystal CavernsHalls of LileathLacorith VillageMiralei ShoalsMoonrise ForestMoonrise Tower
Icon Dark Elves House Uthorin

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