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When it comes to the size of one's pile, its every greenskin for himself. - In-game description

The Pursuit Achievement: Grebo's Pile consists of 2 unlocks:

Grebo's Pile Edit

One of the Bloody Sun Boyz appears to have set up his own pile in an abandoned stunty Tower. Unfortunately for the greenskin in question, the Dwarfs know every nook and cranny of Barak Varr, and it will not be long before they realize where some of their supplies have gotten off to. - in-game description

Destruction & OrderEdit

Enter a dwarven tower at 6800, 34800 in Barak Varr.


  • 150 Xp

Oltrak SteelbarrelEdit

Oltrak Steelbarrel hails from a long and prestigious line of axe-wielding Barak Varr Dwarfs. When the greenskin Waaagh! was spotted along the coast, it was a Steelbarrel who first brought word to King Grundadrakk, and Oltrak is determined to ensure that the Steelbarrel family name is one that is spoken of with honor long after the greenskins have been driven from the Black Gulf coast.

Destruction & Order(?)Edit

Oltrak and 2 Adds path up to the tower that Grebo's pile is in. Kill him. (Wait for grebo, a gob, who come in the tower, you can find him to the north of the tower ( 6000, 31000 ))

Tower at 6800, 34800 in Barak Varr.

Oltrak Steelbarrel

12/10/2011 I tried to unlock it with a character of order. Not seem to work even you talk with Oltrak Steelbarrel or kill the goblin Grebo.

((Order Player - Edit the (?) out of the title and delete this if you can complete this Achievement))


  • 150 Xp

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