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Overview Edit

The Pursuits: Durak's Journal achievement category contains a total of 1 achievement. Those known are listed below:


Durak's rest was and ancient buriel ground for the dwarfs long ago in the glorious days of their empire. When the lands were split by the massive invasions of Greenskins the tomb was thought to be lost. Durak's journal is the only remaining record of what happened during that fight.

Durak's Journal is found inside the Forgotten Hold in Mount Bloodhorn at 26.9 26.5. It is a book on the ground next to the tomb in the far back chamber.

  • Note: Grulfen Stonebeard right outside Forgotten Hold offers a quest (Durak's Last Days) to read Durak's Journal, and gives 1638 XP and a choice between a potion and a green chest armor. He is a Rank 31 Champion Dwarf, however, so Destruction needs to be careful.

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