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Overview Edit

There is no quicker path to destiny than the heeding the words of a mad prophet, if you can comprehend them. --In-game description

The Pursuits: Come One, Come All achievement category contains a total of 6 achievements. Those known are listed below:

Pursuit Rewards: Unknown

Here are all the riddles listed:

Wandering rocks wander the watery rocks burning with the fiery rock they keep. How many wandering rocks to keep the burning rocks? How many keepers to wander the watery rocks?

How many lessons does it take to learn a lesson? What lecture might learn a teacher? Surely a plain search will yield a plain meaning.

Rambling and roaming, burdens are born and brought. Heed the trolls and troll the hills to happen upon the hauler of the heaviest, haughtiest, and hottest of air.

Among the muck run amok. A big green called the bigger green under the shadow of the yellow green in the watery stream follows the dream of all the green.

Breaking in and breaking out. Cleave to and cleave away. Making and unmaking. Beginning to begin, again say a hypocrite, among the cleavers' broken land.

One for all and all for one, says the nearby man that is for none. Before the fall he prays for all standing tall against your gall.

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