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Greenskins may not understand Gunpowder, but they recognize a good bludgeoning wapon when they see it, and a Dwarf-made cannonball can dent the thickest of skulls! - In-game description

This Pursuit Achievement consists of one unlock.


The crate lid lifts off to reveal a number of carefully stacked metal balls, each of them heavier than a goblin-stuff Squig. Though intended to be used as ammunition for the stunty lobbers, the cannonballs could serve as a unique type of bludgeoning weapon to anyone willing to lug them around. - In-game description

Order & DestructionEdit

To unlock interact with Crate of Cannonballs located on board of Ironclad in Hammerhead Lagoon. Coordinates circa 10k, 45.5k Barak Varr.


  • 150 Xp

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