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The art of greenskin debate is certainly a delicate one, for few argument are settled without the business end of a choppa. -In-game description

Overview Edit

The Pursuit: A Delicate Art pursuit category contains only one achievement.

Delicate Negotiations Edit

There really isn't a way to win a greenskin argument through force of logic. Invariably, one proves his point through show of force. It is a lesson to take to heart as one deals with more and more greenskin bosses. While not the most accommodating of circumstances, it is, at the very least, a simple one to adhere to. -In-game description


Just before the camp of Malgrog's Breach in Barak Varr at 56600,28000, you may sometimes find a group of Bloody Sun Stompas, Bloody Sun Shootas and two Roarin' Choppas. If you stand by them for a moment, one of the Roarin' Choppas will say:

Oi! <Name> I know you saw it. Which one uv us et da slop?

Click on a Roarin' Choppa for the unlock and watch as one orc gets thumped by the other.


Unknown what steps an Order player would need to take to do this. More information required.


XP: 150

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