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Overview Edit

The Live Events: Rise of the Tome Kings achievement category contains a total of 23 achievements. Those known are listed below:

  • Glyph of Souls, 50 xp
  • Glyph of Life, 50 xp
  • Glyph of Warriors, 50 xp
  • Glyph of Damnation, 50 xp
  • Mysteries of the Southern Sands, 50xp (Order: from a book in the library)
  • Forgotten statue, 50 xp
  • Collect 25 Airship Parts from the Open RvR Battlefields, 50 xp
  • Collect 15 Airship Tools from the Open RvR Battlefields, 50 xp
  • Deliver 1 Airship Blueprints to the Event Herald in Altdorf, 50 xp
  • Participate in the Reikland Factory Scenario 5 times, 50 xp
  • Win Reikland Factory scenario with 500 points, 50 xp
  • Personally contribute 2000 points to Order in the resource race, 50 xp
  • Kill 50 enemy players, 50 xp
  • Claim the Airship Fuel for your realm in the Reikland Factory scenario 3 times, 50 xp
  • Complete the Iron Eagles quest in the War Quarters in Altdorf, Title: Iron Eagle, 50 xp
  • Participate in the Lucky Lady public quest in Altdorf, 50 xp
  • Complete all 10 tome challenges, Title: Sky Captain, 50 xp
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

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